Friday 24th May 2024
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Paranoid Patient

Geethendra Sugendra, Diluckshan Jeyaratnam & Prathaap Ravichandran are three young Tamil film makers from Denmark. Since 2004, the three founders of Dhodhel Productions have been working on various short films & entertainment projects. Paranoid Patient is their first full length Tamil language feature film. The recently released trailer can be viewed below, with the film expected to release in Summer 2012.

Paranoid Patient Synopsis

Gautham Francis (Prathaap Ravichandran) is a man who suffers from paranoia. In spite of his health condition, he is an intellectually gifted human being, believing in much more significant values than the common citizen of modern society. In order to create his own fortune Gautham is in search of a job, however, this is an impossible task, since his medical report states that he is a paranoid patient. 

On the verge of being completely rejected by society, Gautham accidently meets Avinash Kumaran (Diluckshan Jeyaratnam), a psychology graduate student. Avinash realises the fact that Gautham is mentally ill, which gives him the idea of writing his master’s thesis based on Gautham and his disease. In order to shadow Gautham thoroughly, Avinash turns to his friend Venkatesh Sivakumar aka. Venkat (Geethendra Sugendra), the CEO of the newly founded company InnoTech. Together, they both offer Gautham a job at InnoTech for a trial period of one month, in which Avinash is to thoroughly note Gautham’s behaviour and reactions in certain conditions.

In spite of finally getting a job, Gautham has not fulfilled his purpose yet. He is still searching for the significant values in life. His greatest wish is to obtain a caring relationship, which he never had, with his sister, Soumya (Stefeja Vasantharasan). Whether he gets to live life, as he wishes it, and thereby fulfils his purpose forms the crux of the story.

“Paranoid Patient” is a film, which deals with a man who is in search of compassion, friendship and love. However, he is placed in a society filled with selfishness, greed, and ignorance of these significant values. The film does not illustrate how modern society is, on the contrary, it demonstrates how modern society should not be.