Saturday 13th July 2024
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Paradesi – \”Reality\” Teaser

Director Bala’s film "Paradesi" is to be released tomorrow, and this week it has been causing outrage after a "reality teaser" did the rounds on the Internet. 

The video shows the director hitting and shouting at his actors in a supposed attempt to get them to act more realistically in their scenes. Many are shocked by the video, with Indian film stars taking to their Twitter accounts to voice their opinions. Click here to watch the video.

Actor Siddharth said "A video of a director hitting his actors in the name of reality is going viral. Can we please have one of actors beating the hell out of him? If people allow themselves to be hit by a director it’s their choice. It’s a bit strange to see this behaviour showcased in a promo though!"

We reckon that this is all staged behaviour by the director, and that this video is purely a publicity stunt in the run-up to the film’s release. It was, after all, uploaded to director Bala’s YouTube channel, and it seems unlikely that he would have allowed this to happen had there actually been bad treatment of his staff on set.

Actor Simbu is one who agrees it is a publicity stunt, saying: "After seeing the reaction and comments on paradesi reality teaser all tht I wondered was cinemakulla cinema theriyadhavanga ivolavupera? [are there really so many people within the cinema industry, who don’t understand cinema?]"

He then added "Even a stunt master will do wht u guys saw on the teaser and the director is just trying to show the actors Wht has to b done thts all"

Unfortunately, it looks like this publicity stunt has backfired pretty badly!