Monday 24th June 2024
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Kushboo hurts Hindu sentiments?

Actress Kushboo Sundar is no stranger to controversy – a few years ago she caused a bit of a row over her comments in an AIDS awareness interview, where she said that it was acceptable for girls to have pre-marital sex, as long as they used protection. Of course, many would argue that her comments were completely valid, but that didn’t stop some from lashing out at her and taking the actress to court over the issue!

This time, she’s landed herself in trouble with the Hindu Makkal Katchi of Tamil Nadu for wearing a saree with images of Hindu deities on it. The party are accusing her of "hurting Hindu sentiments", and are demanding an apology from Kushboo. The actress is standing her ground, and is refusing to even respond to them directly.

What do you think of her sari…would you deem it as being offensive?