Monday 15th July 2024
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Amy Jackson – Tamil & Telugu sound a little bit like gibberish!

British actress Amy Jackson who has found fame and success in the Indian film industry through Tamil & Hindi films made what could be potentially her biggest slip up to date!

In a BBC interview which aired to millions of viewers on the 5th December 2012, Amy Jackson spoke about living the Bollywood dream. During the interview the reporter asked how she was managing with the languages, to which she replied – "Hindi I have my tutor for. Hindi is obviously for Bollywood. Tamil & Telugu are very difficult languages, they sound a little bit like gibberish!"

Another word for gibberish is nonsense!

Amy was talent spotted by a Tamil film director called Vijay who brought her over to Chennai, India to star in a Kollwood (Tamil language) film called Madrasapattinam. The film was a success as the story was something new to Tamil cinema and introduced the young Liverpool lass to millions of Indian movie fans across the globe. This introduction has led to roles in other Indian language films.

Tamil & Telugu are two major languages spoken in the South of India. Tamil in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu & Telugu in the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. Tamil is also one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world! Her comment could potentially upset millions of speakers across South india and the globe, affecting her career in the southern cinema industries.

At this point we should also point out that Bollywood (Hindi language) is not the only film industry of India. Kollywood (Tamil language) & Tollywood (Telugu language) are also very popular, high grossing industries with several South Indian films hitting the European, Malaysian & North American top 10! Unfortunately due to a poor understanding of the Indian film industry by some members of the western press, Indian cinema is labelled as Bollywood!

We hope that Amy Jacksons recent mistake doesn’t offend her Indian fans and she continues to receive the support and love in South India she has enjoyed since her arrival onto the scene.

To view the BBC interview, please visit the link below: