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Arjun Coomaraswamy is a London based British singer, song writer and producer known popularly by his stage name ARJUN. Born in Colombo Sri Lanka, Arjun moved to London with his family at an early age, schooled in London and later graduating from Cambridge University studying Architecture.

An accomplished musician, Arjun plays numerous instruments including the Piano, drums, guitar and flute to name but a few. After studying a music production course he pursued his passion of music.

After releasing a string of popular songs for the British Asian music scene, Arjun’s big break came with his first cover – the R&B cover version of “Why this Kolaveri Di” on youtube in December 2011.

The song has so far received over 10 million views on youtube and has led to features on Indian cinema songs, international celebrity performances and a signing with India’s biggest music label T series.

His Tamil & Hindi fusion reworks have gained Arjun an international fanbase which has seen his views on youtube rise from 20 million to over 120 million views, and followed eagerly by 1.3 million fans on facebook.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his highly anticipated Urban album for the UK & American markets. Arjun is currently busy touring internationally, making him one of the rare few British Asian & South Asian independent artists to perform in several major cities across 6 continents.


Track Name Type Release Date Track Link
FEATURED: Frozen feat. Sway English Original (2016)
Suit - Guru Randhawa Feat. Arjun English & Punjabi Fusion (2016)
Drifter - Andrea Jeremiah feat. Arjun English Original (2016)
Drunk in love (Beyonce remix) English Fusion (2016)
Barish (All of Me) ft. Tulsi Kumar English & Hindi Original (2015)
I Know You Want It (Sheila Ki Jawani Remix) English & Hindi Fusion (2015)
Mohabbat Barsa De English & Hindi Original (2015)
Can't Forget You (Tujhe Bhula Diya) ft. Jonita Gandhi English & Hindi Fusion (2015)
Excuse Me Girl (Ambarsariyya) ft. Reality Raj & Rekha Sawhney English & Hindi Fusion (2014)
I'll Be Waiting (Kabhi Jo Baadal) with Arijit Singh English & Hindi Fusion (2014)
Ice Cream Penne (Vaaliba Raja) English & Tamil Original (2014)
Take It Back English Original (2013)
Bay of Bengal (Biriyani) English & Tamil Original (2013)
Oh Penne International Version (Vanakkam Chennai) ft Anirudh English & Tamil Original (2013)
Chaiyya Chaiyya (Super Bass Remix) English & Hindi Fusion (2013)
Tum Hi Ho (You Got It Bad Remix) ft. Rekha Sawhney English & Hindi Fusion (2013)
Zara Zara English & Hindi Fusion (2012)
Same Girl ft. Guru Randhawa English & Punjabi Original (2012)
Teri Meri Remix ft. Priti Menon English & Hindi Fusion (2012)
Run Away (Thuli Thuli Rude Boy Remix) English & Tamil Fusion (2012)
Lost - Loven feat. Arjun English Original (2012)
Chammak Challo R&B Remix English & Hindi Fusion (2012)
Why This Kolaveri Di (English R&B Remix) English & Tamil Fusion (2011)
Kabhi Kabhi ft. Shivali & Natasha English & Hindi Fusion (2011)
With Us or Against Us with JAY MO English Original (2011)
Vampire ft Starz English Original (2011)
Stargazer ft Raxstar English Original (2011)
Remember Tonight English Original (2010)
Aishwariyas Eyes English Original (2009)