Monday 24th June 2024
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Gaana Rajas make it to the next round

Congratulations to the Gaana Rajas who have got through to the live shows of “Got to Dance” on SKY 1. Over 160 acts recieved three gold stars during the audition stage, of which the UK-based dance crew are one of thirty semi-finalists shortlisted to proceed to the next stage of the competition.

The dance troupe members include Jeya Raveendran, Vinoth Sekar, Kapilan Kanthithasan, Prito Itiacandy, Tivyan Wigneswaran, Mayuri Vijay, Neethu Haridas, Rajni Ghir, Vidhya Yogarajah and Rakhee Visavadia. Aged between 21 and 27, the dancers are friends who participated in various London university shows, who have come together with a passion to dance and introduce Gaana to the mainstream.

The televised competition is dominated by crews & solo performers specialising in dance styles already familiar to British audiences. Gaana Rajas bring something new to the table – not only are they the only dance crew representing South Asian dance in this year’s competition, their crew focuses on a little known style originating from South India.

After their audition, the judges gave them three stars along with some very positive feedback.

“I could just see the passion from all of you coming out… Literally just loved every single minute of that.” Aston Merrygold, JLS

This is probably one of the only times we had a traditional form of dance as a group, that doesn’t just compete against, but blows a lot of street acts out of the water, pound for pound! Ashley Banjo, Diversity

The Gaana Rajas will need your support throughout the competition, so please let your friends and family know about this amazing dance crew.