Friday 24th May 2024
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Paradesi goes to Cannes

Rumour has it that director Bala’s film "Paradesi" is going to be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival. The film stars Atharva, Dhansika and Vedhika in the lead roles, with music by GV Prakash Kumar.

The film tells the story of plantation works in South India pre-independence, and judging by the trailer, it looks to be an intense and gripping film. "Paradesi" was scheduled to be released on February 15th, but its release has now been delayed by a week or so. However, if the latest buzz is to be believed, the film be screened sometime between May 15th and 26th, during the prestigious film festival.

Hindi filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was hugely impressed with the film, and now has bagged the distribution rights to release the film in North India with English and Hindi subtitles.

If the Cannes screening does happen, this is big news indeed for the "Paradesi" team! Check out the trailer for the film below: