Wednesday 29th May 2024
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British Tamil percussionist SikDrummer releases Meghathoodham

In an era when everything is going electronic, a British-born Tamil percussionist is aspiring to bring the joy of acoustic music back to the UK Tamil music scene with his music video series known as SikDrummer’s Sessions.

Nish Raj, known more popularly by his stage name SikDrummer has collaborated with a wide spectrum of artists and musicians to create a cover of Meghathoodham, a semi Carnatic song accompanied by violin, a thumping bass track, mellow keyboards, and of course, the graceful Bharathanaatyam performance of dancers.

SikDrummer’s Sessions are Inspired by the popular Indian YouTube channel Kappa TV that brought together musicians and vocalists from different arenas and areas, creating a platform for people to collaborate for the passion of art. He envisions a UK based platform where such artists can collaborate and re-create the joy and magic of art, especially acoustic music. His aim is to bring together the local Tamil talent and let people know that such artists exist and are equally capable of creating stunning experiences.

The video of Meghathoodham shot in Epping Forest, adding an appealingly eerie touch with the rays of the sun trickling down in the gaps of the canopy hitting the dancers clad in red and black, giving the song a very mellow touch not only in the auditory but also in the visual experience.

The song brings together, dancers guided by Chiinthu Sarvan, the Carnatic violinist Ramanan Nathan, the Tamil music producer Shruthi Anand on the keys, and the vocals of Arrthe. SikDrummer stated that he met the vocalist on Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The song is a pleasure to listen and to watch. It brings together, all the elements that make it a completely appealing package… All while serving as the representative of the renaissance of acoustic music in the united kingdom Tamil art scene!

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